March 27, 2011

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December 21, 2010

Ghost Town, Inner Mongolia

They’re building it, but will they come? Why China’s real estate boom looks so troubling from the outside., 11/23/10

November 23, 2010

Why the Feds Want Steve Cohen

Just as all roads lead to Rome, all insider trading investigations lead to SAC Capital’s Steve Cohen. He can’t shake the Feds because he’s too good to be true., 11/22/10

November 22, 2010

How Expert Networks Came to Dominate Wall Street.

The latest insider trading investigation is focusing on the new hub of Wall Street information: independent research networks that pay so-called experts for information on public companies., 11/09/10

November 9, 2010

Blame Canada No More.

The Great White North shakes off its historical politesse and starts kicking ass, financial-style. Will the rest of the world listen?, 10/28/10

October 28, 2010

The Man Behind Buffett’s Man: Stephen Friedman.

Last Man Standing

October 26, 2010


My book on Jamie Dimon was published by Simon & Schuster on October 6, 2009.

Here I am on CNBC talking about him. And on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer. And Dan Gross’ podcast (The Big Money/Newsweek).

Some reviews:
Bloomberg’s Norm Pearlstine
Fortune magazine
New York Times
Business Week
USA Today
Kirkus Reviews

And more:

A Q&A with Newsweek’s Dan Gross.

A Dow Jones piece on Career Tips.

Click below to get yourself a copy:

Amazon: Last Man Standing: The Ascent of Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase