Daily Intelligencer, 3/23/07

March 23, 2007

Goldman’s Sudden Inferiority Complex
It used to be that if you landed yourself a job at Goldman Sachs, you were a prince of Wall Street, the envy of everyone you knew. But these days, the folks at Goldman are probably starting to feel like every other chump who isn’t a hedge-fund manager or private-equity kingpin…


Daily Intelligencer, 3/13/07

March 13, 2007

Mistakes Made, Responsibility Taken, Jobs Kept
There was a time when if you wanted to find the most slavish trend followers in this country, all you had to do was look to lower Manhattan, or parts of Brooklyn, or maybe Los Angeles. (Ugg boots in summer, anyone?) But now it seems that Washington, D.C. — Republican Washington, D.C., in particular — can go toe-to-toe on the fashion front. Have its denizens shed their navy suits and loafers? Of course not. Rather, they’re all following the new vogue for “responsibility” — you know, where you “take responsibility” for something and leave it at that. No detention. No docked pay. No resignation. Just take responsibility and walk away.